Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break!

Today is a wonderful day. Starting at 3:15pm I went on Spring Break!!!!!!!! Here is what I am excited about in the upcoming week:

1. Hanging out with my cute husband and going on walks with him!

2. Helping get Russ on a study schedule for the GMAT.

3. COOKING - starting with the lemon poppy seed bread I'm making tomorrow for Conference! (thanks to Bonnie for ALL the supplies I didn't have!)

4. General Conference! I always print the primary packet where you can color the apostle's tie and write notes from his talk. It may be juvenile, but I love it. (FYI: watch Elder Holland - his ties almost always have the brightest colors)

5. Scrapbooking.

6. A flexible schedule! Errands, if I need to follow up with the dermatologist or dentist, groceries...the world will be MINE!

7. Easter. It's a beautiful holiday, and I love easter egg hunts complete with a giant chocolate bunny.

8. What I am REALLY excited about is that last Sunday my hives were so irritating that I had Russ and my home teacher give me a blessing. Then on Monday night my legs were so swollen that it hurt to walk and my face broke out. Russ took me to the urgent care center because I would not be able to teach like that, and I got some steroid pills. I believe the blessing actually made the hives bad enough that I could get what I really needed. It's day 5 of that steroid process and I am COMPLETELY cleared up (the hives look like fading bruises, which is weird, but bearable). I've never been so grateful for my skin! Please don't take it for granted! I understand the hives may come back since we still don't know the cause, but I feel normal again! That alone makes for a great Spring Break!

So while there is snow in the weather forecast for the next few days, I am so excited for next week!

I even have time to play with photo booth....

This is my favorite failed picture. hahaha


Brianna said...

So glad the hives are clearing up! I hope they don't come back, they don't sound fun. Enjoy your spring break!

Jason and Lissa said...

Hooray for spring break! Now you can call and talk to me during the day! :) Glad the hives are clearing up. I still think you should get tested to see what you might be allergic to.

I'm sad that I don't get to decorate for Easter this year. Next to Christmas, I think it's the one I have the most decorations for!

Enjoy Conference! We probably won't get a whole lot out of it thanks to a busy (but cute) toddler.

Carson said...

Whoa! I really love your new blog header and background. Did you design it yourself? VERY cute.

Have a fun spring break. Glad to hear your hives are clearing up.