Saturday, January 23, 2010


I decided we are just going to throw our budget out the window. Then we'll be happier and be able to spend money without feeling guilty...right?


Carson said...

Why does spending money make you feel guilty? I agree, a tight and very detailed budget can make you it's slave. It's a good process to go through for a time, just to get a good feel for where your money is going. But for the long term, a more "general" budget is more liberating. Our budget is: put some in savings, buy what we need (rent, tithing, food), spend some on what you want, and the rest builds up for airplane tickets to see the kids :)
The trick is to have small WANTS or a large income. If you have both, you are indeed fortunate.
Love Dad

Amanda Impett said...

I think the word "budget" is what is scary what Damian and I have done is take the word and figure out what it means in general terms and really all it is is a reckoning of where your money goes so Damian and I just write down how much we have coming in and what all we have to pay (what is going out) things like rent, etc but at the same time it doesn't hurt to save a little and budget a little for some fun Damian and I like netflix they are cheap we pay 16 bucks a month for unlimited instant play movies via their website as well as unlimited rentals of 2 dvds at a time. It's a cheap date just an idea. Good luck you and Russ will get the hang of it and will figure out what works for your family.