Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Now that it's December, I suppose I should fill in October and November!

My mom came for a visit. She helped me in my classroom and made many wonderful meals for us. Also, we were all able to go to the Provo Temple to do sealings. That was pretty awesome.

For one of the days of my fall break, we went hiking with our friends Bonnie and Brian to the Spanish Fork hot springs. It wasn't a bad hike, but it smelled like rotten eggs once we got there so there was no way I was swimming in that (hence why I am the only one fully clothed in the picture). While they played in the water, I heated up our lunch on the hottest rocks I could find!

Here is a shot of how beautiful the woods were with the fall colors
The Holdens came down just before Halloween and we were able to go to the TCU v BYU game. We snagged some first row seats, but it just gave us a better view of our utter defeat.

This was right before our only touchdown of the game.

The best part of November was going to visit the Holdens in Boise for Thanksgiving! Britney and I made one DANG good feast, and the turkey was the best I've ever had. It was completely delicious!!!!

The finished product.

Of course, we also relaxed while we were there. (Note the remote STILL in Russ's hand while he's napping)

One day we went to the Boise Festival of Trees. It was something I think my mom REALLY would have enjoyed. It was just a giant convention hall filled with different theme-decorated trees.


Jason and Lissa said...

Glad you're having a fun when you're not busy working. I wish Texas had some pretty fall colors! We just go from green to brown and wilted. Bah.

Carson said...

Great pictures! I'm glad your Thanksgiving dinner turned out so well. I thought I commented on this blog entry before--sorry it took us so long!!