Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mary tagged me in her blog post about telling ten honest things about myself. In a new plan to avoid doing teacher stuff for 10 hours during the day AND bringing MORE work home.... I guess I'll give it a shot! (So thank you Mary, for saving me from myself! :D)

1. I like grammar. I am losing my skills with the combination of not having a real English class since high school and spending my days with 6 year olds, but I cringe when people use the wrong "your". Bleh.

2. Cracking knuckles is the most disgusting sound in the world to me. It's just not natural!!!

3. I am an anxious driver and terrible at parking, especially when I have to turn left into a stall. TERRIBLE. I'm like Zoolander - couldn't he not turn his face left? :)

4. Not a fan of being cold. When I'm cold I don't want to do anything or go anywhere. Winter is pretty from inside, but it's not my favorite time of year.

5. It seems like every time we go over to a friend's house to watch a movie, I fall asleep. Many people can attest to that.

6. I don't love Relief Society. I don't have a particular reason... but because I feel that way I'll probably serve in Relief Society all my life.....

7. We will NOT raise my kids in Utah. Maybe when they are young, but once they hit those teenage years, Russ and I agree that we want them away from Utah. The main reason for that is that in Utah there are still bad kids, they just also go to church with you.

8. I love love love love love to organize, clean, unload the dishwasher and do the laundry. Give me a day to myself without other responsibilities and I'll watch movies while I clean all day.

9. We love watching movies. I counted yesterday and we have about 85 movies!!! That is ridiculous considering we probably watch them once a year thanks to redbox. However, over 40 of those movies are either church movies, family friendly movies (like Singing in the Rain), or Disney movies so I don't feel quite as bad. Then we have about 10 chick flicks and 30-something action movies.

10. I am a big fan of leftovers. MmmmmmMmmm

Well I don't know how many people you are supposed to tag, but I'll tag Lissa, Bonnie, Britney (again), Bri (like Mary again), Jamie, Abby, and Michele.


Michele said...

i JUST saw that you tagged me... first off, we have too much in common. i fall asleep during EVERY movie too. but not just at friends houses, pretty much just all the time. it drives dan crazy! haha. although i do not love to clean. you are welcome to clean my house anytime! also, i grew up in utah and i'm just fine :)

Chris and Mary said...

haha I'm glad I was able to save you from yourself and schoolwork!! I agree with you on many of you points, especially 1 and 7.