Thursday, February 12, 2009


Valentinesssss Dayyyyyyy!!! Well, not yet, and tomorrow night Russ and I are going to the Invitational Dance so I'm sure I'll write more soon, but I wanted to write what has happened already.

Russ and I went on a double date with the Holdens to Trafalga! I've always wanted to go there but never have before. We had a lot of fun. We mini golfed (I didn't lose - for the first time in my LIFE) with the black lights, which was cool except it hid all the little hills on the "green" and messed us up a little, but that was probably to my advantage.

Then we Go Karts...ed...and that was a lot of fun. The track wasn't very interesting, but I had a nice lead for a while. Then I got bored so I ALLOWED Steve and Russ to pass me :) But then I couldn't catch back up. I was laughing hysterically the entire time because I was just so surprised that I was winning. Britney had thrown out her back and was chillin' in the outer lane.
We went back inside after that and played at the arcade.

Russ/me and Steve played DDR; Steve was much better than we were. They also had a Deal or No Deal game. It was SO MUCH FUN! I think Russ and I blew all our coupons on that game. Most of the time we only won like 2 tickets, but ONCE I made a deal with the banker (there was 400 ticks or 6 tickets left) and I took a deal to get 103 tickets and it's a good thing I did because my case had the 6 tickets in it!

We had enough tickets that Russ could get a rubber duckie (we have yet to name him, although possible names have been discussed) and I got those little capsules that turn into sponge animals in water. How cool is that? Normally I don't win enough tickets to get anything fun!

Then, I had a really frustrating day at school and when I came home, Russ gave me one of my Valentine's Day gifts early. It was a computer chair!!!! I've wanted one since we got married since I have just been using an uncomfortable dining room chair and Russ got one that was 160 dollars but through his sweet talking, he got it for $30! (Also, it helps that he asked and it turned out it was on clearance :D). I feel a little silly because I got Russ "Angels and Demons" so we could read it together before the movie comes out. I know, romantic, huh? Don't worry - I do have a little more up my sleeve for tomorrow...

Oh yeah, also in this picture, look at the cute "L-E-E" my mom sent us! I'm thinking about some way to paint it or add ribbons or something and make it look more crafty...or I'll leave it black. Any thoughts?

Also, speaking of Russ's sweet talking. This is a fact: RUSS IS MUCH BETTER AT CUSTOMER SERVICE THAN I AM! This is what happened. There was something wrong with our rewards on our credit card and I called and the lady got an attitude with me and I thought I put up a pretty good fight (at least by my standards) and the lady told me I was wrong and I just said, "Okay well thanks. Bye". Russ called them back and was like, "My wife called and talked to someone earlier and they told her this, but we know that isn't correct." Consequently, he got what he wanted AND they were joking and laughing with him. And that is the difference between a Lee and a Carson. :)


Elaine said...

Cool pictures with the black light; looks like you had a really fun evening. I hope you have a wonderful first Valentine's day as husband and wife!!

Elaine said...

I second that. It is fun to hear you are having so much fun!
Happy Valentines day you two love birds! Love Dad

Jason and Lissa said...

Funny, that's the difference between a Carson and a Stinson, too! :) Glad you guys had so much fun!

Abby said...

You're very good at making sure your blog is up-to-date with the closest holiday :)