Friday, February 27, 2009

Finishing a Fabulously Fine February

We had another FUN FUN FUN Murder Mystery Dinner with our friends. It was set in 1900 in France, so the costumes were a little more fun (at least I thought) than the past few. We all got to wear something nice...

I love love LOVE Russ's creeper mustache!!!

Adri the scandalous artist and Russ the uptight chocolate tycoon!
(Thanks to Jamie for yet ANOTHER amazing costume for me)

Brianna the chocolate maker and Steve (and Steve's homicidal puppet)

Chris as Dr. Sigmund Fraud and Mary as an Aztec archeologist

Steve the American boxer and Britney the best-selling author

ALSO...this week was my first week of the Practicum (which is pretty much like student teaching 3 days a week). I am teaching in a 2nd grade class and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I must admit that I don't like leaving the house at 7:55am, getting back home around 3:40 and heading straight to work afterward, but it has been fun. The students in my class are really cute and I have already taught a couple of simple lessons. It's fun because I'm normally just like an aide or observing, and although I did some of that this week, I was mostly a REAL TEACHER to the kids. It's so so so so so fun to hear them call me "Mrs. Lee" and eat in the teacher's lounge (that's probably my favorite part) and picking the kids up from lunch, recess, in the mornings is my FAVORITE because it's just me picking up MY students. I love it, but I also like having normal classes on Thursday and Friday so that I can talk to the other girls in my classes and see how their experiences are.

Friday was Garrett's birthday, but we celebrated with him on Saturday. We took him out to dinner and I made a cake (which - might I add - turned out to be much better tasting than the one I made for Tyler's birthday earlier this month). After we had cake, Lord of the Rings was on TV and we sat around watching that. It was a fun family night! :D

Garrett is shocked that he is turning 25

I just really liked this picture, it's right before Garrett blew out the candles, but I am not sure why Russ and Tyler moved in so close :)

Speaking of Tyler's birthday, we took some pictures of that too!

The FHE sisters said that after singing "Happy Birthday" (or doing something where we all felt a little embarrassed/exposed), Tyler, Garrett, and my faces had all turned red. Bah! I don't know why we turn red so easily! But I am not sure if Tyler looks red or tan in this picture...

The whole group - well, except me because I was in the kitchen the whole time while they played wii. Here is proof:

Earlier this month, Russ and I were able to visit the Draper Temple Open House. I love this picture. It was windy and snowy and you can't see the temple that well, but I think we both look good

Last but not least, I found this picture from Christmas. It is a look into the future of the Lee family!!! (at least, I hope we have a baby as CUTE as Kiera). Wait, maybe I should clarify that this family picture probably isn't going to happen for us for another 2 years or so. But I still like this picture:


Carson said...

Yeah - We get to be the first to comment. What a wonderfully complete blog entry. You are alsays so busy doing good things. I am glad you love teaching so much, it has been your dream every since pre-school, or at least kindergarden. So happy that you and Russ are so happy! Love Dad

Jason and Lissa said...

What a cute niece you have! You're a good sister to make your brothers b-day cakes. I'm glad you're enjoying teaching, too! (Nice flapper dress, btw! It's so "Thoroughly Modern Millie"!)

Carson said...

Thanks for taking my place and baking birthday cakes for your brothers. It's so nice for Dad and me to see the pictures of our kids together at BYU. It warms our hearts! Love you, Mom

Jamie Ward said...

bah...the mustache is perfect Russ!!! And the outfits look great!! ps...thanks again for taking me to dinner!! those dang lucky freshmen don't know how nice they have it.