Friday, September 5, 2008

Loving Life

I posted a bunch of pictures on facebook and then realized some people (i.e. my parents) won't get to see them that way, so I think I will put a few of them on here again and tell you all about how the little Lee household is doing.

First, I wanted to do a top 10 of my favorite things about being Mrs. Russell Lee....

1. HANDS DOWN my favorite part is when one of us wakes up in the middle of the night and just cuddles with the other one, even if they don't wake up to notice it
2. Reading scriptures and having family prayer and having a husband who won't let us forget to do them!
3. I have a husband who brings home bacon! Sure, it is hard to do homework while he is playing wii, but he paid his debt to the university and now is rewarded with having no more homework
4. I actually know what is going on during the football games now! (not like when I went with TyRee and Abby and we weren't sure which was the ball was going...)
5. Russ tries his best to be helpful around the apartment and is doing great at living with neat freak, Adri.
6. I am pretty sure I laugh now more than I ever have before in my LIFE!
7. This sounds pathetic, but it is fun to be on the same cell phone plan so that we can talk to each other whenever we want
8. Knowing exactly what he ISN'T saying based on the various grins on his face
9. I have someone to cook with and cook for!
10. I loved getting my new social security card and BYU ID that said "Adrianne Loren Lee" on it.

Okay, there might be some other, better things on there too, but those are the first 10 that came straight to my mind. I think I had a realization this morning with both of us being so busy, sometimes it is HARD to think about him instead of just what I need to get done, but it's amazing to really feel the actual help Heavenly Father will provide if we ask Him to.

I also just wanted to post a couple of fun pictures to sort of tell what Russ and Adri have been up to!

For our honeymoon, Russ and I stayed at a FANCY hotel in Arizona and then flew to Salt Lake and saw some of the church history sites. We even went to a temple session in Salt Lake. It was my second one ever and it was REALLY neat to see a live session. We also went to Lagoon, which was REALLY fun and we had a great time there before we headed back to reality...

We, with a LOT of help from our friends, put together 2 dressers, three bookcases, a computer desk, an entertainment center, and a dining room table with four chairs. We are still only about 90% moved in or I would put more pictures up, but it really feels a lot more like home!

I don't cook like this every night, but I LOVE cooking (some dinners have turned out better than others, I'll admit) and I think Russ loves eating, so it all works out. But making big dinners makes me feel more like a wife than almost anything else :)

We love hanging out with our friends the Stapleys, Holdens, and Killions (and Carters but they moved :( ). This picture was during our murder mystery. Russ was the ski shop owner and I was a bohemian. I don't know why, but this one of my favorite pictures of all RussandAdritime!!!!

I am glad that the guys (Russ, Steve, Steve, and Chris) stayed such good friends so that when the wives came along we could form this group. I still love all of my old roommates and the girls from my floor, but this little married group is SO MUCH FUN! Everyone (for the most part...) made me feel welcome from the beginning and the wives especially are just loving and always willing to help or to listen, and that is really invaluable to me.

Mom. This picture is for you. Russ took it as I walked out the door (with food in my mouth) for my second day of school. Look at that...second day and I already had to eat in the car because we were running late. OHH well.

So, from Provo Utah, this has been a post from Adri Lee...loving life. Now I have to go do that homework I have been avoiding :)

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