Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Turning 20

Today I turned 20. I am really tired and have had a stressful week, but I wanted to write this before I forgot any detail. This birthday was amazing. It was sad that I haven't been with my family much for birthday, but my mom pointed out that it probably wouldn't have been much fun since they are in the middle of moving out of our house in Germany this week. I still felt very loved and (shockingly enough) all of my siblings remembered my birthday. I have a pretty amazing family.

But since I was here in Provo for my birthday, Russ took VERY good care of me. Let me just tell you some of the highlights from my day :)

1. 12am on the 16th - Russ discovers that it is my last night of being a teenager and I have never toilet papered anyone. Well. Next thing I knew, he was dressed in black and carrying a roll of toilet paper. We hopped in the car but didn't know where to go, so we taped toilet paper to the Stapley's door. I know. SOOO mischievous, huh? It was really fun through. Probably not as good to tepee an apartment rather than a house, but what can you do? (there is more to that story, but I am not going to tell it here. I am content to just say that I now have a greater understanding of what I would label "teenage boy fun")

2. Surprise visit from Russ - I have an 8am class, and as I was leaving, Russ showed up at my door with roses and a birthday card (made especially for me with the cutest little lamb ever on it -- every time we see an animal on a movie, I ask Russ if we can get one) and a yellow diamond bracelet. I love it! By the way, have I mentioned how lucky I am to have Russ?

3. I had class and then work for an hour, but Russ came and picked me up. It was fun to show him off at the office and then we went and looked at apartments. I told him I wanted a home for my birthday and we had been REALLY stressed lately trying to find something. Well! Long story short, we are not homeless anymore! I am going to live with a boy! THAT hasn't quite sunken in yet...
There were two styles of apartments, and Russ liked one and I liked the other. A lot of discussing and one rock, paper, scissors game later - we are moving into the one Russ liked. :D

4. I must thank Lissa and Jason for sending me a gift card to Olive Garden so that Russ and I could eat out for my birthday. It was a FABULOUS meal, and sitting next to us was a really old couple whose last name was also Lee. I said, "Russ! That's us in 60 years! He is tall and still has his hair and she is cute and a hunchback!" haha I think this was my first birthday at a restaurant, and yes, the waiters singing happy birthday is embarrassing, but the free chocolate cheesecake made it worth it!

5. We hit Seven Peaks! I had never been there before, and even though it was a little cloudy, I still have a lot of fun. Russ had been to Seven Peaks when he was younger and apparently had a bad experience with one of the slides, but he faced that fear :) Ironically, it was the free fall slide and he skidded to a stop and then had to start up again so he didn't even free fall but OOOOHHH I did. Then we did the lazy river and the wave pool. SO much fun. I normally think swimming is boring, but it's fun when you can "water flirt" (similar to snow flirting, which is what Russ and I did on our second first date).

6. Russ's work barbecue. All I have to say is that it was good food, and I SMOKED Russ at golf. Yeah. I don't know how it happened either. I've only golfed once and my mini golf is nothing to brag about.

7. I had to go to a mandatory training meeting at work and Russ came to pick me up. We got back and it went like this:

Russ: let's go back to my place and get a movie.

Adri: we can watch Pride and Prejudice! It's in my room!

Russ: no. I want to watch an action movie

Adri:....whose birthday is it!?!

...we walk into Russ's apartment and it was a SURPRISE PARTY! Russ is so cute. He sneakily had made me texas sheet cake and a pretty dress to wear at our wedding luncheon I had been looking at. It was really great. The Stapley's and Jamie came. It's a shame that so many of our friends are out of town, but I still really appreciated it!

8. July 16th is not only my birthday, it is 1 month until I get married. AH! There is still so much to do! But I am so excited. Russ and I had been going to the counseling center (yes, just as we encouraged our residents to do :D) just because it was free and we wanted to make sure we were talking about all of the issues engaged couples should. This morning when we went (we've only been there 3 times) the counselor basically told us we don't need to come back. hahaha I guess that is a good thing. He said we have good heads on our shoulders and sound like we communicate well and handle conflicts the way we should.

In conclusion, being 20 is ALMOST (but not quite) as great as Russ made my birthday! Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

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