Friday, June 27, 2008


I was originally anti-registering, but I have been told that it is easier to shop for people when they register, so Russ and I went to Target to register today. If I had to compare it to something, I believe I would compare it to shopping with a small child. Okay, okay, maybe not QUITE like that, but let's just say that some men hate shopping and apparently Russ is not one of them. We went through the kitchen stuff (which was heaven for me) and decided we really couldn't do much bedroom or bathroom without deciding on colors and stuff. So we headed over to Russ's side of the store. I left him alone for 10 minutes while I went to get a few things for my current apartment. When I came back, he had registered for items including, but not limited to:
- 3 coolers
- a tent
- a GPS
- air matress
- golf clubs (??)
- basketball
- football
- volleyball
- grill
...and he was heading over to the Play Station 3s. He had a very guilty look on his face as he scanned that one. Yes, all of that coming from the man who preaches, "Give up what we want today so that we can have a better tomorrow! We have to decide between our wants and needs." Apparently we need the Play Station to watch Blue Ray discs *cough*Carters*cough*...but we don't have any Blue Rays. :P

Then I suggested we just run over and look at shirts, and Russ had lots of fun pointing at random shirts with the gun. "What about THAT shirt" or "THAT one". He was having a grand old time. Finally, we went to the check out counter and I looked over to see him registering for packs of gum....

...yep. All in all, I must say I am marrying a funny man and we are going to have lots of fun. Tomorrow, we conquer Bed, Bath, and Beyond...

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