Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wedding Dress Shopping

The RAs at Chipman Hall decided to take me wedding dress shopping! My mom is just going to make my dress, but I still wanted to have that experience. Here are pictures of the dresses I tried on. I've decided that in life, if there are two things you should be picky about, they are your wedding dress and your wedding ring. So please don't think I am being mean in my comments about the dresses. They are all beautiful, but everyone likes different things!

This dress isn't lacy, but it was VERY pretty. It had beautiful beading on it, but it wasn't white. This is the dress I like the most now, though...

I don't get this dress. It looks like they had a mini-skirt dress that was white and then they put lace on the bottom that felt like......tissue paper or something. Not pleasant.

This dress is lacy and not too poofy, which I like - but I didn't like how high the waist was or how long the train just felt weird.

This dress also had a lot of pretty things about it. I really liked the beading, but it's not white.

This dress is REALLY pretty, but didn't flatter me that much. It had SO much beautiful beading on it though.

This dress didn't even make it out of the dressing room. It was too big and there were weird puckers in the all the way down the back? huh!?

This is the one I liked the most at the store, so they dressed me up like a bride in it. I like the top...the bottom is kind of crazy. I felt like I was wearing a bunch of lace aprons. But I still felt pretty.

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