Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye Winter Semester!

School is out! When you think about it, though, that doesn't mean anything. I still have finals until next Wednesday, check outs for the girls on my floor until Saturday. Then school is only going to be out from Saturday until Tuesday when I fly to Jerusalem!!

So in honor of school sort of being out, I am going to post a couple of pictures of my past week (which has nothing to do with school being out)...

Last Saturday, Russ and I worked at the Heritage/Wyview Invitational Dance. It was great! The decorations were fantastic. We worked part of the time at the movie theater.

Yes. The movie theater. All of the halls in Heritage had made home movies and some of the RAs worked at the concessions stand, complete with a popcorn maker and a lot of candy.
After about an hour of scooping candy into bags, someone handed me the coveted flashlight with a stick on it (I wanted to call it a lightsabor, but it really wasn't).
Do you know what that flashlight meant? It meant that Russ and Adri got to go chaperone the dance. We walked around that dance floor making sure people had shoes on and that no one was getting too close. It was a lot of fun because we actually got to dance a little bit too. We danced and then also got to take some formal pictures. It was just a lot of fun...except when I told someone I was an RA and they asked me what it was like to be the police. I really don't know why they think we are anything other than students. Sure we have to enforce the honor code sometimes, but that doesn't mean we are some kind of mutants who don't have a life of our own. But that is a tangent for another time.

The best part of the dance (for me) was when we ran into Russ's niece and her roommates. I was dancing with them while Russ was patrolling and Allison's roommate DOUBLE DOG DARED me to go give this cute guy we saw a kiss. SO I DID! Then I ran away, squeeling like a middle schooler. Then he came over and was like, "Hey. Um...what's your name?" and I told him and then kissed him right on the lips. (I wasn't even DARED to do that part) But before you get too wrapped up in this scandal, the guy was it's okay. Some other girls in the group didn't know that I knew Russ though, which made it really funny. They looked really shocked/disgusted that I would just go up to someone and kiss them.

Here is me on the LOOOOVE swing, just waiting for my prince to come...I guess.

OH! He came! But I am not really very interested.

Also to celebrate the end of the year, we had a little bonfire. Russ's Sobe bomb. I had never seen one before. I wish I could have captured the sweltering mushroom cloud of flames that went about 100 feet up, but all I got was the fire itself. It's still pretty cool though. I had NO idea what to expect, so I was pretty shocked. (Sorry for the HUGE gasp I let out...I am pretty sure that is the most surprised I've
ever been in my life)

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! I especially love that Russ and I both have the same facial expression, which is the very expression I tease him about making all the time, and there I am doing it too!

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