Thursday, November 10, 2016

Carson's Newborn Pictures

I love newborn pictures! Babies are so hard to capture, and I feel like they look different in person than they end up looking in pictures, but my friend Sarah did a great job getting beautiful pictures. Carson was the easiest model in the family: he was alert and content at the beginning, and then I swaddled him when he got drowsy and he went straight to sleep! His sisters weren't very cooperative (like. Seriously. When Grace was cooperative, Sophia was throwing a tantrum in the bathroom and when Sophia was agreeable, Grace was so tired from missing her nap that she rolled around on the bed and flat out refused to listen to anyone), but we still ended up with a couple good shots of all 3 of them! Hooray!

checking out little brother 

I love dark, newborn eyes!  

They love Carson. They're both so good with him! 

I love this one. :) So wide awake and calm and looking right at the camera! 

That chin! 

I have to preserve pictures of my kids with at least semi-dark hair because they all seem to end up blonde! 

I love this one :D 

This picture would be perfect if Sophia were smiling!! Curses! 

 "I have a fake smile because Carson is crying and I don't know what to do..."


Carson said...

Awww, these are so precious! It's definitely trickier to get three to all look good in the same picture than it was with just two! There are lots of really sweet pictures of Carson. He looks like a little angel.

Lissa said...

Such cuties! I sure wish you'd moved to Houston instead so we could hang out all the time!