Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sophia in Africa

Sophia is 4 3/4 years old. :) She loves pink, her friends, doing art projects, collecting things, and preschool. Some things she doesn't like are getting her hair done, quiet time, and doing things for and/or by herself. Probably almost all of her life she remembers has been these 6 month moves. Overall, she gets excited for each move and has settled well into each new location. For a few weeks before a move and about a month after a move, however, we've noticed she is VERY emotional. She whines a lot and throws a lot of tantrums - in addition to the ones she does regularly. (I feel like she whines more than the average kid... does everyone feel that way or am I a pushover parent without realizing it?) Even though I know the HUGE changes associated with moving are what causes her excessive moodiness, it doesn't make it much easier for me to stay calm in the moment!

Despite her current cranky phase, she is a very good girl. She has a loving heart, cares about safety, and always wants to do what's right. She loves fun, silliness, and asking questions to learn more about her world. Lately, Russ has taught her to say her personal prayers. So in the few nights I get to put her to bed (Grace won't let Russ put her to bed, only me, so most nights I am with Grace instead of Sophia), as we kneel next to her bed and she silently says her personal prayer, I take those 30 seconds to say my own personal prayer, exclusively to thank the Lord for my sweet Sophia and pray for Him to bless her. It's always a really beautiful way to end even her crankiest and most frustrating days.

When I took pictures of Grace for her 2nd birthday, I also wanted to get some pictures of Sophia in her African dress in Africa! We love our blonde hair, blue-eyed 4 year old!

 Some of the "Sophia's choice" poses....

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Carson said...

I missed this post and the one about Grace's birthday until today. Sophia looks so pretty and grown up in these pictures! You've done a good job of capturing her personality, too. Thanks for doing such a good job of keeping your blog updated. We love to see the pictures and read your clever commentary.