Friday, June 10, 2016

#20 Nigeria: Life in Pictures (Month 5)

 This 5th month went by really fast because it was full of get-togethers before people headed out for the summer, and also because we got to leave for 10 days! Being back in the US was an INCREDIBLE breath of fresh air, but I won't focus on that... Here are some of the pictures from our 5th month in Nigeria :)

One of many wonderful ladies lunches I've been able to enjoy because we have nannies to watch our kids!! 

The awesome Bible Study group here on the camp (this is most, but not all, of the group). I was the only LDS person, and most of my friends have always been LDS until we moved here, so it was a wonderful opportunity to learn about other religions (and develop a deeper appreciation for my own). Attending Bible Study was one of the highlights of my week these past months!

Heading to a Friday night on the beach. Grace insisted she sit in her own seat, and she looked so big! She and Sophia entertained (or maybe annoyed, depending on who you ask) the entire bus for the 30 minute bus ride by singing songs. :) At least they were happy!

The group's new beach location. No cool "Nigerian experience" of being right by that ship than ran aground, but this beach was MUCH more beautiful, quiet, clean, and peaceful.

This is actually a picture I found on Facebook of the beach group on a Friday back in February (right after Russ had left for his trip to the states) 

Grace is getting more independent and loves playing with the big girls :) 

 Sophia attended a birthday party for one of her friends at preschool. She loved the Doc McStuffins theme!

 saying goodbye to preschool and her teacher, Ms. Ime. Sophia wanted to name the baby "Ms. Ime" if it was a girl. Lucky for me, it's a boy! :)

Posing with all the Chevron preschool/pre-k girls on Sophia's last day before our vacation 

Sophia in her end-of-year early childhood assembly

 Gotta love that fake smile she has going on!

 Jetlag has been pretty rough coming home, especially for Grace. For the first several nights, she'd stay up really late and then sleep in really late. Luckily, we're all adjusting better now.
We've also been trying to squeeze in lots of playdates this week before the friends start leaving for their summer vacations! This was so cute - they dressed as Ana and Elsa and sang/danced/acted out the movie (all the way until it got to "Let it Go". Then they fought over who should get to sing it and stopped watching all together. haha 4 year olds...) 

 Put my hand through a glass door and got stitches for the first time in my life. Now I'm pretty nervous when I go through a glass door or see a full-length mirror!

 Sophia and Gracie with some of their best friends here in Nigeria. (Grace may be almost 2 years younger, but she's not much smaller :D)
I think Sophia and Grace have both worn dresses every day since we've been home. They're both obsessed with dresses right now! 

haha I love that even Grace is making a silly face! She's talking so much more and acting so much more grown-up lately! 

Both of my girls have other kids in camp with the same name as them (and since there's not THAT many kids, that's kind of crazy). Here is Sophia with Sofia (and Trinity). 

On the right, we have Grace and Grace. (Big sisters also joined this picture) 

I had to include this first attempt too because Grace kept putting that blanket on her head every time I told them to say, "Cheese"! What a silly little girl!

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Carson said...

So many fun pictures, but the last one with the blanket over Grace's head has to take the prize! Sophia is looking so grown-up and tall. I think it's cute that she and Grace only want to wear dresses.
When you look back on your time in Nigeria I'm sure you'll only remember the good things, like all the activities you were able to do and the great people you met.