Monday, May 9, 2016

#17 Nigeria: Life in Pictures (Month 4)

Life must be becoming more routine, because I've hardly taken any pictures this month. April felt like a looonnng month. But, maybe it only felt long because we got news about our next move, and now we spend a lot of our spare time looking things up and talking about what's coming up for that.

In mid-July, we'll be heading to Bakersfield, California. We're pretty excited, and since this will be our first 2-3 year assignment, we're having fun looking at houses (instead of apartments!) and also have to look into schools for the first time.

Back on topic... We're heading into the rainy season now. It doesn't rain as much as I thought it would (or as much as I wish it would). So far, the "rainy season" has consisted of some pretty impressive thunder storms, usually at night. There's tons of wind and heavy rain, and SOOO much lightning. The surprising thing is that there's never as much thunder as you'd think there'd be based on the lightning, but there are definitely still some loud "booms" that startle us awake! But by the time we get up for the day, the ground may be a little wet and the temperature may be a little cooler, but by noon it's just hot AND extra humid. There have been a few blissful days with cloud cover, and there was one day (but only ONE in the 4 months we've been here) that it rained off and on the entire day. Temperatures that day were probably in the 70's or low 80's and when most days are in the 90's with a "feels like" temperature of 110, that's a HUGE difference!

 Sophia's preschool class did an assembly. Different groups sang and danced different songs. Sophia's group represented PE and did some funny warm-ups in this song. I like that she was concentrating so hard she stuck her tongue out a lot. :) 

 A mini art gallery was also set up, and Russ and I liked going around finding Sophia's artwork :) 

 The girls in their custom-made Nigerian dresses given to them by one of Russ's co-workers. A pretty special gift!

Lately Grace likes to "cuh-her" (because Sophia does), and I think she looks so cute, concentrating so hard. I also took this picture to let the record show that, at least right now, she uses her right hand. Sorry, Mom! I may be 0 for 2 in the left-handed grandchild department. :)

I finally got around to taking some comparison pictures! It had been on my to-do list for the past 3 months and on that cooler, overcast day, I took advantage of the weather to take pictures outside! Grace is 22 months in these pictures, and I don't know how old I was, but Sophia was 18 or 19 months in her pictures.
But 22 months old meant Grace was smart enough to negotiate pictures in exchange for candy (or "nanny" as she calls it). Grace sure looks cute, but she sure doesn't look like me! Sophia looks more like me than round-faced Grace does, I think.

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