Saturday, August 18, 2012

Goodbye Provo

Provo had been my home for 6 years, Russ's home for 7 years, and we spent 4 years of our marriage there. It's definitely strange to leave it behind, but we know moving here to Minneapolis was the right thing to do. That doesn't mean we don't miss all of our friends there - especially the great friends and people who helped us so much in our ward and at Heritage Halls. 6 years is as long as I've lived anywhere, so I'll especially miss Provo! I can't believe we didn't take any pictures of our moving truck or of us in our car driving away, but...we did take pictures of other things:

Amidst the last couple weeks of packing, we also made sure to visit lots of people and do lots of fun things before we left.
Freshman together in Fox Hall - 2006
Russ's Great Aunt and Great Uncle
I really wanted to get some family pictures taken before we moved. We were going to get them professionally done, but Russ pointed out that we have an expensive camera, so we might as well do them ourselves (with the help of Rachel and Bennett).  All of these are already on facebook, but I love them and can't get enough of them!
Goodbye mountains, especially Y Mountain!

We drove away from our home at Heritage Halls on August 2nd. It was a 3 day drive to Minnesota, but we were glad to pull into Minot, North Dakota after 2 days on the road so we could spend the weekend with Garrett and Krystal's family (as well as my mom, who was also visiting them. It was fun seeing Sophia and Daniel interact - mostly Daniel stealing toys she was playing with or her pulling his hair, and I can not believe Sophia used to be as tiny as sweet little Makayla!
Grandma with 3/5 of her grandchildren
It is a lot harder to take a picture of 3 kids than you might think. Well, Makayla was easy, but Daniel and Sophia weren't too excited about the whole process.
Russ testing out the timer on our camera
This represents half of our family! 2 kids and one parent are missing. Luckily, we get to see them in about 2 weeks for Tyler's wedding!!!
Bedtime stories
It's a tradition in our family to take a picture of Garrett (and Tyler could do it too, since he's military) with the nieces in this onesie...
Sophia in 2012

Savannah earlier in 2012

 Kiera in 2008
(I just noticed that the picture has also always been taken in front of a door....)

The day before we left Provo, my cousin, Sean, took us on a tour of the brand new BYU Broadcasting Building. It was really awesome to see the sets and all of the behind-the-scenes work. 
Here we are hanging out in a kitchen...
but it's not really a kitchen! It's a TV set!
Pretend interview
Sophia is ready for her close-up!
I'd never seen this set, but apparently it has won a lot of awards. Does anyone else recognize it from byutv?
We're already almost completely unpacked and moved into our new apartment, so I'll do a post about Minneapolis sometime soon.


Ashley said...

Cute! The face Sophia is making while you are reading her a book is the exact face Ava makes when we read her stories haha. She is getting so big! :)

Amanda Impett said...

Love your family pictures!!! Its never easy to leave your comfort zone but look at it this way its a new adventure together as a family.

Stinson Clan said...

Love all the pictures. Just 1.5 more weeks until the Carsons are ALL TOGETHER AGAIN! :)

Megan said...

Looks like the trip east was easy. Or at least drama free. And it is a little hard to say goodbye to places you've lived longer than any other isn't it? Oliver lived in Provo the longest out of any of the other places his father was sent to for the Air Force. But change brings new adventures. New people to meet and new lessons to learn. I hope you three enjoy Minnesota.

Kadi Abel said...

I wanna see pictures of your new place!