Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

One of these days, I'll stop posting so often, but not today because it's my mom's birthday and I want everyone to know how awesome she is. :)

I love you, Mom!
Happy Birthday! 
She's my "sainted mother who gave me life" - as she sometimes reminds me.

She read my siblings and I before bedtime, even when we were in High School :)

She made my breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day I lived at home.

She loves me.

She had to get the PERFECT picture, even if that meant we'd take 50...or 500

She so talented. She made my "Three White Dresses" - blessing, baptism, sealing
I NEVER doubted that she cared about me. She was so involved with our schooling and extracurricular activities.

She took us - mostly against our will - on trips she knew we'd appreciate later in life (and we do).

Every year for our birthdays and Easter, she sewed me a new dress (and apparently Christmas on this year) :)

She taught me to play the piano
She is extremely creative. She can make ANYTHING.


Carson said...

Thanks so much, honey. I really appreciate this "birthday card." It was very thoughtful of you to take the time when you're busy with your first week of school.
Love, love, love you!! Mom

Jason and Lissa said...

What a nice tribute to our great mother!

Tyler said...

why does mom have an asian baby in the first pic?