Friday, November 29, 2013

Update, Maybe?

It's been over a month since I blogged. We've done so many things, and yet...practically no pictures. Not even any pictures of the Thanksgiving turkey I made, or the food and friends we celebrated with.  I even noticed a shift in Sophia's pictures. Where we used to take 70+ pictures a month, I now have a folder labeled "24 and 25 months old" because there were so few pictures. Sad. So. Here are almost all the pictures my camera took within the past month and a half.

 Sophia hurt her ankle while jumping from the ottoman to the couch at a friend's house. It was pretty sad for such a small girl to have a swollen ankle. Even though this happened well over a month ago, if I ask if she's hurt or if she's okay, sometimes she'll hold her foot and reply, "Ankle. Maddie's house."

I thought it was cute that she was devouring this foot-long licorice like that, and while we weren't looking, she truly did devour the entire thing.

 ha. Russ's face. 

Apparently I only get out the camera when Sophia wears pajamas. Or else she wears pajamas all day.
Most times we walk past the broom on our way inside, Sophia feels the urge to sweep.

My faithful dishes helper. She sometimes gets mad and says, "BRUSH!" or "GOAP!" (soap) because she can't reach those on her own. Maybe she'll grow up to be a doctor... "Scalpel!"

This past week was the 50th anniversary of Dr Who, so we got together with a couple friends who also watch the show and watched the episode together. While decorating, I realized part of the fun of Dr Who is that things/creatures that are only in one or two episodes can be completely memorable (weeping angels? gas mask faces?)...

The story behind this picture is that Sophia wanted to wear a bow tie like Russ and I, but I told her no because she refused to put clothes on (naked phase) and we couldn't pin it on her. So Russ finally got her ready for bed, but she cried and screamed and would have none of it since all the fun was downstairs. When I went up and brought her back down, the first thing she said was, "Bow?" It was so cute, I decided I had to get a picture of the whole bow tie family. :)

And then today, we did a photoshoot with my friend, Stephanie. She planned everything, did my hair and makeup, and asked us to be her models. I hope we did all right. We had a lot of fun dressing up, and I was wearing so much makeup I felt like I was from the Capital...

I can't wait to see how all the pictures turned out! Here's a picture of a picture on her computer to give you an idea: