Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sophia is ONE!!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most wonderful little girl a mommy could ask for. I think I can safely say that this has been the best year of both my and Russ's lives.
She was skeptical about the leaves at first, but after she licked a couple of them, she decided they could be trusted and that the sounds they make when she walked through them were funny.
 It's already hard to remember that this grown up girl used to be a teeny tiny baby.
She looks like such a BIG GIRL in the picture where she's standing against the tree.
My neighbor, Rachel, helped me take these pictures. Her job was to get Sophia to smile, which was tough because Sophia was not too sure about sitting in those leaves. The pictures on the bottom are a funny progression, though. Rachel got her to smile in the first picture, but she bit a piece of the 1 off so she took it away. In the second picture, she's trying to charm her into getting it back. When she didn't get it, it was so ADORABLE when she started signing "please". When she still didn't give it to her, she reached for it a little indignantly. The things you capture when your camera is on continuous mode can be pretty cute. :)

- Sophia has 8 teeth now. 4 on top and 4 on bottom.

- She has been on the same really nice schedule for about 2 months. She wakes up anywhere from 8:30 to 9:30, takes a nap at 10:00 or 10:30 and another one at 2:30 or 3:00. Each nap is about an hour and 15 minutes, plus she plays/ rolls around / sings in her crib for about 20 extra minutes before falling asleep. She goes to bed at 8, but usually takes at least 30 minutes to get comfy enough to fall asleep. I think she enjoys her alone time in her crib, though, because she doesn't cry or need us. If she does, she drops her stuffed animal out of her crib and then cries until we come in and get it for her. Sneaky girl.
Hard to smile when your mouth is full of your first slice of pizza! :D
- It is my opinion that shirts and pants vs onesies make Sophia look a lot older. Sometimes the cuteness is overwhelming. :)

- I certainly understand why people say EVERY stage is the best stage. They all have so many fun things about them. Right now, I LOVE how much she's learning. It seems like she discovers something new every day. In the past week, I've noticed that she tries to put everything on like a necklace, puts toys away in her toy box (or the trash can because, hey, it's kinda still a box), hands things to us when she wants us to open them, imitates more sounds, waves every time she crawls over to the stairs or when we put on our coats, crawls into her bouncer and either bounces herself or turns around and sits in it, and my personal favorite is that she'll actually play with us. She reaches a toy out to us, but when we try to take it from her, she quickly pulls it away and laughs. It's so cute, and she never gets tired of it.
It was still really warm until the middle of last week, so we took lots of walks to the park.
This past weekend, my mom flew into town to celebrate Sophia's birthday. On Saturday morning, my dad surprised us by knocking on my door and saying he couldn't miss Sophia's party! It was a really, really great weekend, and I am so glad they could come visit (but not very pleased about the cold weather they brought with them).
Sophia liked to attack dad while he napped. That or she got angry that he was in her way while she was trying to cruise around the furniture.
I decided to do a rubber ducky themed party because Sophia LOVES her rubber ducky (and because I had lots of yellow decorations). Here are some pictures of my very pinterest-inspired decorations:

I made this banner, and every year I'll just switch out the number.
"This water was clear when we put the ducky in...."  - Dad
Duckys and "1"s
Sophia's soup can cake
As always, she was excited to see food!
This video is really long. Sorry. I couldn't help myself!
The beginning and middle are pretty much the same, but if you go to the end, she gets the hang of it :)

Happily eating her cake
She didn't even get very messy :D
Since today was her actual birthday, we (our friend, Rachel, and I since Russ was in class) celebrated with Sophia's first trip to the zoo.  She was pretty quiet, but looking at EVERYTHING. The animals were all brand new to her!
Very curious about the monkeys
This seal was playing fetch with me! He'd throw a stick over the fence and when I'd throw it back, he'd retrieve it and throw it to me again. So crazy!
We watched this little penguin swim right past us several times.
The cougar actually had a pretty timid meow, and Sophia tried to reach for it and talk to it in her own Sophia way (which is a very throaty "eehhhhh").
Having fun in her stroller.
Could not understand why she couldn't grab that fishy, but she certainly tried!
But what was Sophia's FAVORITE part of the zoo? Oh, just biting this fence outside of the wolf pen.
We wish daddy could have been there! (She doesn't want to go much of anywhere these days without her necklace.)
Happy Birthday, little one! You are beautiful, perfect, sweet, funny, sassy and although you don't cuddle much, you more than make up for it with your champion sleeping and eating. Your parents adore you, and can't wait to see what this next year will bring!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our New Home

I *finally* finished taking pictures of our apartment. Before we go inside, I want to explain a little about the outside. Sometimes I might refer to Como as an "apartment complex", but it's really not. It's a lot like Wymount, except there's no streets running through it. Rather, it's about 2 blocks worth of buildings connected by playgrounds, grass, and sidewalks, with parking lots on the edges.

There are at least a dozen of these buildings.

Inside of each building are 4 or 6 coreways, or enclosed stairwells. So although I live in a building with 6 coreways, I really only ever see the people in the 6 apartments consisting of our coreway.

 Okay, now we'll go inside. The first thing you see is the living room.
I love our couches and the new ottoman I got!
Behind the living room is the dining room and kitchen.
Sophia loves her new high chair. I think it makes our dining room complete!
QUITE a bit smaller than our old kitchen, but it gets the job done. And NO DISHWASHER! :(
 The stairs are just off the living room.
Nice little closet at the top of the stairs (Sophia is playing with highlighters, by the way)
Tiny bathroom with the shelves Russ put up for me
 Sophia's Room (the best room in the house)

 Our room (always the most boring room in the house)
If you notice a lot of lamps, it's because the bedrooms and living rooms don't have overhead lights
 I love decorating for Halloween! Here's my little decoration corner

 Speaking of Halloween (and therefore October), here is a preview of the CUTE 1 year pictures I took of Sophia yesterday :)
I can't get enough of this picture!!!!!!!!