Sunday, September 25, 2011


Every time I've made bread in our bread machine, I put everything in and turn it on while we are at church. When we come home, the bread smells wonderful, but then ends up looking something like this:
Seriously. Every Time. My bread machine HATES ME! Well. Today I decided to make the bread BEFORE we went to church so that I could watch it, and this is what happened:
The bottom right picture is me telling the bread how proud I am of it :) The top right picture is to show my belly...filling out the maternity shirt my mom got me and I swore I'd NEVER get big enough to actually fit into it.
You have no idea how proud of myself I was. It actually turned out!!!!! (okay so it deflated a little on the top, but it's a million times better than the other attempts) I basically ran around all morning proclaiming to Russ that I was making bread that looked like bread! I also talked to the bread a couple times, giving it pep talks. Maybe I was a little too excited.

By the way, it tasted good too!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whoa. WHOA!

Russ and I went to prenatal class today. It was 5 hours long, and even with one break, that's a loooong time to ask a room full of pregnant women to sit on uncomfortable chairs. My tailbone is still so sore.

As contractions and dilatation were being described, I got really light-headed. I used to make fun of my sister for having a weak stomach, but I've developed it too over the past couple years. Russ has to watch me very closely every time I get my blood drawn or get a shot. I'm sitting there in class thinking, "Great. I am going to pass out during the birth of my own child!" The hardest thing for me is to hear a medical procedure being described. Maybe I have too vivid of an imagination.

So I was fidgeting on my hard chair and breathing so I wouldn't pass out. All of this made it very hard to focus UNTIL they turned on the oh-so-wonderful Miracle of Birth video! Oh my. Russ and I had both seen it before, but it's QUITE different when you're actually going to have a baby very soon. I just kept looking over him in panic, being so grateful that I do not have to see what is happening during delivery, and wondering how in the world anyone actually DOES this!

Despite all of that, however, we both cried a little when the first baby on the video was born. We can't wait to meet our own perfect little girl! I have a feeling that when our little family is together for the first time, we'll all be crying! (although, the baby will be just because that's what babies do)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

34 Weeks Down, 6 To Go

6 weeks left. I can't decide if that's short or long. Considering the amount of things we still need to buy and learn and do, it's short. Considering that it's still a considerable amount of time to chunk up and grow out of my clothes, 6 weeks feels long. Russ and I both feel like she's going to come early, but don't know if that's inspiration or panic talking.

I kept waiting for a day when I thought I looked good to take a picture, but after 2 different attempts, it didn't really happen. So you just get the real-deal, post work, post afternoon nap Adri! Sorry about the lighting. We couldn't get the flash to cooperate so I look like I have a black eye!
I don't miss the brick or cinder block of our old place, but they did make a nice backdrop for these pictures :)
  • Although I have very few complaints because I feel mostly normal still, it's strange to have a body that doesn't react the way I want it to. Reaching for things is hard and bending requires an embarrassing amount of effort. If I drop something or have to sit down and stand up too much, I first heavily weigh in my mind if the movement is really worth it.
  • The doctor said baby is already head down. Yay!! That's one less thing to worry about later.
  • When I look at pictures of how scrunched up the baby is at this point, I feel so bad for her! Her movements are much bigger and pronounced. There are arms, legs, elbows physically sticking out of my stomach, (every time I try to push them back in, Russ says, "You could be pushing on her brain!") and sometimes they're a little surprising and painful. I figure that no matter how uncomfortable I am, she probably is too. We're in it together!
  • 38.5" around at what was formerly known as my belly button.
  • Teaching school is a really great distraction because I don't have any time to think about being uncomfortable. Being on my feet isn't bad either, but I do feel stiff and drained when I get home.
  • I do have a couple stretch marks now. 3 of them to be precise.
  • Between my 28 and 32 week appointments, I only gained 4 pounds. BUT yesterday I went in for my 34 week appointment and gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks. 26 pounds total in pregnancy.
  • I blame some of the extra weight on swelling. Within the past week I've noticed that my wedding ring is much more snug, and this morning I only had 2 pairs of shoes that would fit!
I've been thinking about all this awareness I have about my weight. It's hard to wrap my head around. My weight has only fluctuated about 5-10 pounds in the past 5+ years. Then all the sudden, bam! multiple pounds a week! It feels weird. I'm starting to feel better about it though, now that the baby actually accounts for a portion of that weight.

Bllleeehhh. I mentioned to someone just this week that I hadn't had a cold while pregnant. Of course, now I have a cold. It's getting worse and worse every day, and I want so badly to take a Dayquil! It was probably all those germy kindergartners...

 Compare the belly from yesterday and my birthday 9 weeks ago (25 weeks).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Here is your virtual tour (minus the 2nd bedroom):
 Front door and entryway. It branches off into two rooms:

The door to the left leads to the kitchen/living room. Door to the right leads to bedrooms/bathroom.
 We literally don't have any shelves in the bathroom, but we do have this sink area in the middle of the hall (makes it feel a little like a hotel, but would be great for people with roommates). I love the space, but don't like that this particular part of the house is so OPEN. For orientation purposes, I'm standing in our bedroom doorway taking the picture.
Our bathroom is big and nice, but not even a towel hook on the wall! We have a sweet granite shower, but no bathtub (again, makes sense for freshman, but tough for us with the baby).
Niiiice storage space at the end of the hall. Luckily we have more storage in the basement for the shocking amount of stuff we've accumulated (and I'm a professional too!). This closet is between the bathroom and the 2nd bedroom.
 View into our bedroom from the door. It feels soooo spacious to us!
Check out that pack and play! We bought it this week, (I honestly had so much fun putting it together. It's so cool and efficient - it's something my engineer dad would have designed) and we have the bassinet portion set up right now to have baby girl sleep in until my mom brings my old baby buggy. Having in it our room makes it feel very real that we're going to have a baby sometime next month.
 Have I mentioned yet that this apartment has tons of OPEN space? Even the closets! It's nice to have our own closets, though! If we were planning on living here more than a year, I'd probably find a way to close them off, but it's not a priority right now.
 It took me until now to realize vinyl lettering is REMOVABLE! Best thing ever! We love it. 
The seemly random light switch right above our bed is actually really great because we have 3 sets of lights in the room: main lights and smaller lights on each side (in case you want to read while your roommate is sleeping - genius for dorms). So we no longer have to decide who's going to get out of bed to turn off the lights after we read scriptures!
The only picture I'll show in the baby room: all her tiny cute clothes and hooded towel. The rest of the room isn't set up yet and still has some boxes in it that need to go down to basement storage. When it's finished, I'll take lots of pictures.
 Now to the other side of the apartment. The kitchen is so magnificent. So many cupboards, and the right side of the picture is a bar/peninsula with so much counter space I want to cry with happiness. Something about having my Kitchen Aid nestled in the corner makes me feel like a real wife/homemaker.
 This picture is funny because it looks so empty, and I think it's just because the ceiling is high. I'm so happy to have all of our furniture out of storage and back in our lives! We have ONE more picture to hang (hooray! Hanging them without using nails was a huge amount of work). The frame on it broke after a previous failure in putting it up so we need to fix it and then put it up above the TV.
 Here are the beautiful new additions to our family: meet couch and recliner. Russ is modeling the big, luxurious recliner that we got for when we're rocking the baby. All that's left to complete the look is the pillows! I bought pillow forms last month and keep going to the fabric store, but just can't find the right fabric for the pillowcases. By the way, our old uncomfortable futon has been banished to the baby's room (to serve as a guest bed).

There it is. I honestly feel like we're living in a condo. Well, except maybe the industrial-grade carpet. I am determined to buy a nice fluffy rug to put in the living room before our little girl starts crawling. This is quite the upgrade. We love our new home. We're so blessed to be living here.