Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lucky I'm In Love with My Best Friend

August 16 was our 3rd Anniversary! I love my husband. He's my very best friend and selflessly gives me waaay more back scratches than I ever give him. :) Russ is a hard worker and is so good at encouraging me when something happens that feels like the end of the world. I've really enjoyed having him to myself for 3 years, and now look forward to seeing him as a daddy. He's going to be such a good one! I love it when we're going to sleep and he'll roll over and put his hand on my tummy to see how his little girl is doing (she's very good about kicking on demand, which makes me think she'll be an obedient daughter....maybe). Russ is also very thoughtful about getting things done - especially when I actually ask him to do something rather than expecting him to read my mind (funny how communication helps in a marriage!). He's also a wonderful Priesthood leader in our home.

On our actual anniversary, Russ was at RA Training from 8am to 5:30pm, and I went to get a haircut and celebrated my last day of not having to be at school by taking a long nap! It may not be overly romantic, but that's what a typical anniversary will be like anyway: hubby at work, me with the kids (Hey. Just because I took a nap doesn't mean I wasn't with the kids. This baby goes everywhere with me!). We did go on a dinner date to Sizzler (a tradition begun during our Honeymoon). Someone laughed when we told them that was our anniversary tradition, but we love it. Plus, you can't argue with tradition - especially when it comes in the form of steak wrapped in bacon. We also rented a movie and reminisced about our 3 years together, and talked about how excited we were for our future.

To really remember the occasion, we took a picture to remember that we were living in a temporary place, sharing it with custodial and construction all working to get our new home ready:
The hard hats are a nice touch, don't you think? :)
 Last, but not least, we found the disposable cameras we put out during our reception and got one of them developed as a little anniversary present to ourselves. We just did one to see if the quality was good enough after so long to get them all developed (they said to do it before Dec 08...oops). Russ thinks the pictures people snapped...mostly of themselves making some weird face...were total gems. I am inclined to disagree. You can decide for yourself:

Russ's childhood best friend.
This family picture would probably be really great to have, but the "ancient technology" known as film just doesn't cut it.
PS Pictures of our new apartment are coming soon! Just need to hang a few more pictures on the walls and unpack that infamous last box filled with the random things you don't know where to put.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

30 Weeks or 6 3/4 months :)

While grocery shopping about 2 weeks ago, we were trying samples, and a man asked, "How much longer do you have?" and I thought, ".....for what?". OH YEAH. People can tell that I'm pregnant now. They can tell enough that they're comfortable asking a total stranger when I'm due or if I'm having a boy or a girl.

The reality that we're going to be parents soon keeps hitting us at different times. This cute little exchange happened while we were looking at strollers and car seats last week:
Russ: Oh my gosh
Adri: What?
Russ: (moving around the little head cushion in the car seat) HER TINY HEAD IS GOING TO BE IN HERE!
  • Gained another inch on the measuring tape this month. I'm now 36.5" around at my belly button (which has passed outtie stage and now looks completely pulverized).
  • Another 5 pounds at my doctor visit a week and a half ago. That's 16 pounds total folks! Russ assures me it's all going to the baby and nowhere else, and it's true. I know I am very lucky to still be so small and not have gained weight/swelling anywhere else, but it still sounds like a lot!
  • Current craving: sausage. When I look back at this pregnancy, the only other thing I would really call a craving was CHEESE. Months 3-5 I could not get enough Colby Jack cheese. 
  • At my appointment, the doctor asked if the baby is active and Russ replied that she really likes to kick. Sure enough, as soon as he tried to listen to the heartbeat, she kicked the doppler stethoscope. It was pretty cute.
  • Only threw up once in the past month, and that was this morning (I tried to get away with not eating breakfast. Baby would have none of it).
  • Hello heartburn. Luckily it's one of the most manageable symptoms I've had.
  • My sister will be happy to know that the hair tie through the button hole just doesn't cut it anymore (and hasn't for about a month). As I predicted in my last post, I have indeed stuck to my 1 pair of maternity capris, pj pants, dresses, or skirts. Russ keeps encouraging me to buy maternity pants, but every time I look at them, I just can't do it. They look so funny!
  • I guess I passed my glucose test because I never heard back about it. I think I'm having a really easy time with pregnancy. I keep getting lucky by not having any of the worst stuff!
I didn't mean to take this picture - I was looking at where I wanted to put my hands, but I think it's sort of sweet :)

      Friday, August 12, 2011

      7A Maeser Hall

      Let me give you a little timeline of our lives last week:

      Mon: Lamenting that in 2 weeks I'd have to go back to school, Russ would have a busy week with RA training, and we would probably be moving all at the same time. Bored now. Stress coming. No actual move date.

      Tue: New Maeser Hall Advisor needs to move in so we're going to move to a temporary apartment. I started packing!

      Wed: Had to do all the big moving in one day. Tyler and Russ moved everything. I packed and set aside things we'd need out of boxes/storage for the next 2 or so weeks.

      Thur: Spent most of the day moving little stuff with our car and cleaning our old apartment.

      It ended up being a really crazy week, but it did feel good to be doing SOMETHING, even if it was only a temporary move. It all happened so fast, however, that I never really got a chance to say goodbye to our apartment. Maybe that sounds weird, especially because if you've ever been to our old apartment you know how tiny 20'x20' really is and all the quirks it had (including but not limited to: accordion church-style door to our bedroom, 5 ft wide kitchen, bed in the corner because the bedroom was narrow, cinder block walls, cable coming out of a vent in the floor). That being said, it really was our HOME! We lived there for 32 out of our 36 months of marriage so far.

      Here's a little nostalgia to break up all the text in this post. It seems like most of these were taken when we first moved in. The longer we lived there, the more claustrophobic I felt, so I started putting more and more extra bookshelves and decorations into storage to open up the space.
      Russ modeling the accordion door
      Bed against the wall - one tiny closet for both of us
      Maeser Hall. Our apartment is the one sticking out in the front left.
      Hallway kitchen. You couldn't get to the fridge with the dishwasher open, but at least it HAD a dishwasher!
      Russ's office when we first moved in (it is so clean!)
      View of the living room from the couch
      We'll probably tell our kids about the days when our kitchen table folded out of the wall but not because we lived in some terrible dingy basement apartment because we're poor college students. It was a free apartment that we got with Russ's job  - a job that may not pay a ton, but it has allowed us to save quite a bit of money because of perks like a free apartment, a meal plan, and Russ essentially working where we live so that we could have one car. That being said, am I happy that now, with that same job and those same perks we're getting a BRAND NEW 2 bedroom apartment!? Why yes I am!
      Thanks for the memories, Maeser Hall!

      Friday, August 5, 2011

      Texas Visit

      For the first time in my life, I accumulated enough airline miles to fly somewhere for free! I decided to go to Texas and visit my sister after having her new baby. I had a lot of layovers, but other than a couple uncomfortable hours with a very sore back, being 6 months pregnant and traveling alone wasn't as hard as it could have been. Plus the trip was worth it, so thank you Lissa and Jason for letting me visit!

      I looooved holding Savannah. She is so precious and tiny and she loved being curled up next to anyone with a heartbeat for her to fall asleep to. Poor Lissa though, now that all the help has left, Savannah won't sleep without being held.
      I love how she curls up her legs and sticks up her little bum!
      Savannah having quality time with grandma!
      One night I was there, we celebrated Savannah's 0th birthday. If you know me, you know that I'm very good at making up reasons to celebrate...especially when there is dessert involved.
      Kiera helping me bake a cake. After about 3 stirs, she declared it was ready for the oven!
      Savannah slept through her own party! Luckily her big sister helped blow out the candle. I just don't think the party would have been as memorable if we hadn't of worn the party hats!!!
      When I wasn't hangin' out with the nieces, I was sewing...and sewing...and, well, reading books too. It was sure nice to get things done with my mom's sewing wisdom and help. I made lots more bibs (and fixed a couple of my first ones) and made a car seat cover, which I love! Mom was busily sewing Savannah's blessing dress, and Kiera wanted to sew too. She kept busy by cutting fabric scraps and 'organizing' the pin cushion over and over. :)
      The cute girl and the beautiful dress!
      The happy family. Well, by this point Savannah was already tired of the paparazzi.
      The girls - I just love Kiera's face in this one. Kiera is wearing a dress my mom made for Lissa when she was little.
      Sometimes when I'd hold Savannah, my baby would go to town kicking her. I hope she was trying to bond with her cousin, not trying to fight her! :)
      Babies are so cute when they're all rolled up like a burrito!
      Although Russ and I missed each other and talked a lot of the phone, while I was gone he went to movies, played golf, hung out with his brother who came to town, hung out with my brother, washed the car, and had a regular "guys weekend" (not a 'boys' weekend, he said, but 'GUYS').