Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Obsessed

I got together with my friend Michele yesterday and we made these cute St. Patrick's Day blocks. I love how they turned out. Russ says I'm obsessed with them JUST because I drew a picture of them in my journal. :P Well...and yesterday when we were sitting on the couch I told him I wanted to sit by my blocks. BUT! Look at how cute they are! Can you blame me?

In other news, Russ is back on sugar after successfully completing an insurance health challenge SO we bought three of these suckers for my school fundraiser! We can not wait to eat them! Ironically, the cost of the tubs of cookie dough equal the amount Russ will earn from our insurance company for not eating sweets!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update in Numbers

1. I have, at the recommendation of a chiropractor, been keeping a headache journal. I have experienced mild to severe headaches for 23 out of the past 60 days.

2. Our Honda broke down yesterday - 15 months after I fatally wounded it.

3. I am going to graduate college in just under 2 months. During my 4 years at BYU I have taken 80 tests in the Testing Center.

5. In preparation for our 2 week trip to India in 4 months, we have to get visas. One of the requirements is to list the countries we've visited in the past 10 years.....

Russ: 2 Adri: 22

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Adri Before

Adri After

Russ Before (nice mugshot, eh?)

Russ After

Valentine's Day

Russ has been my valentine for 3 years. I really love and appreciate him! Looking back, we've never done anything EXTRAVAGANT, but he has always given me excellent surprise gifts, and always makes sure I have an AMAZING Valentine's Day...

From Russ: sent me roses at school (my students were freaking out and as excited as I was!)

For Us: Happy Hour at Applebee's (1/2 off appetizers after 9pm!) with our good friends, Brian and Bonnie!


From Russ: office chair (which was a HUGE upgrade from the kitchen chair I had been using)

For Us: Trafalga date and prizes- rubber ducky and sponge animal capsules!

(I just noticed that our clothes match - this was not intentional.)


From Russ: my dorm room (Russ sneakily worked with girls on my floor do this)

For Us: Went out to eat ...... but I don't remember where.

I love you, Russ!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So Cute.

Journal entry from one of my students:

"I love scooel. It is vere fun. Mrs Lee is a vere gud tecer. She is not just gud she is grate. She is the grateist tecer ever. "