Friday, December 25, 2009

I Wonder...

It is against my personal policy to post on the blog unless I have pictures to accompany the post. That becomes a problem because I seldom have my camera and hardly ever remember to take pictures. So I wonder if anyone will read this post - EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE NO PICTURES (there. I said it. Those who want to stop reading now can).

It's Christmas! It's almost 2010! Only 2 more years until the world ends, apparently. This was my first Christmas with Russ's family in Arizona, and it has been quite fun. On Christmas Eve we had a big family dinner (and when I mean big I mean 34 people - and 3 families weren't even there!). It was delicious! I've never SEEN so many mashed potatoes!

Then we had a Christmas program and sang Christmas songs. All the men in the family have a tradition of singing "It's the Holiday Season", during which I noticed that I definitely married the most attractive Lee brother (not that I am biased in any way). Then we read a poem about the Christmas spider and I got the honor of putting the spider ornament on the tree. Russ, however, told me that I had to get up and dance like I spider so I really didn't hear the poem - I mean - how do you dance like a spider anyway!?! Apparently you only get this honor once so I had to make it good. I had Russ put me on his shoulders and I put the spider on the tallest branch of the 10ish foot tree. It's great how families have traditions. Even though my family's traditions are different, it was still fun to see new traditions.

Since it was just Russ's parents and us, we woke up at about 9:00 to open our presents. It was even a "white" Christmas because there was a THIN layer of frost on the ground. Russ and I opened most of ours in Provo before we left because we didn't want to pack them (thank you airlines for discouraging us all to NOT take luggage) so this morning was sort of anti-climatic, not that gifts are the important part anyway!

Then the Lee clan all came over again for a giant omelet brunch. I must admit that I missed mom's Christmas ham and cinnamon rolls brunch at that point, although omelets were good too!

So for the next 8 days or so, I plan on having a real vacation: hanging out with family, sleeping a lot, reading books, seeing movies and wrapping it all up with a WEDDING!!!! So Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry I didn't have any pictures!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Now that it's December, I suppose I should fill in October and November!

My mom came for a visit. She helped me in my classroom and made many wonderful meals for us. Also, we were all able to go to the Provo Temple to do sealings. That was pretty awesome.

For one of the days of my fall break, we went hiking with our friends Bonnie and Brian to the Spanish Fork hot springs. It wasn't a bad hike, but it smelled like rotten eggs once we got there so there was no way I was swimming in that (hence why I am the only one fully clothed in the picture). While they played in the water, I heated up our lunch on the hottest rocks I could find!

Here is a shot of how beautiful the woods were with the fall colors
The Holdens came down just before Halloween and we were able to go to the TCU v BYU game. We snagged some first row seats, but it just gave us a better view of our utter defeat.

This was right before our only touchdown of the game.

The best part of November was going to visit the Holdens in Boise for Thanksgiving! Britney and I made one DANG good feast, and the turkey was the best I've ever had. It was completely delicious!!!!

The finished product.

Of course, we also relaxed while we were there. (Note the remote STILL in Russ's hand while he's napping)

One day we went to the Boise Festival of Trees. It was something I think my mom REALLY would have enjoyed. It was just a giant convention hall filled with different theme-decorated trees.

We have our first day of snow today!

We looked out the window and what did we see?

Snow falling down right on our tree,

Winter had brought us such a nice surprise,

Snow falling down right before our eyes,

You could take an armful and make a treat,

A snow packed ball that would throw so sweet,

It wasn't very so, nor is it meant to be,

Snow falling down right on our tree.


-composed by Russ Lee.