Sunday, October 11, 2009


It has been far too long since our last update, and we have done a lot of cool things. Here is our September Top 10.

10. Russ is having fun being on an intramural flag football team

9.I've actually started to enjoy teaching and my students, but it's also still hard

8. As a brand new family bonding experience, Russ and I went shooting with my ROTC brothers. Russ was good at it. I was not.

7. Jamie, Russ, and I attended the BYU vs Utah State game. It wasn't too cold and we won, so all in all it was a good time. Plus, for half the game we were at the 50 yard line and the 5th row. I've never felt so close to the action before.

6. After only a year, we finally scheduled a date for Russ to take the GMAT so we can find out what next year holds in store for us.

5. We were able to attend the sealing of some friends. It was the first one I'd been to since my own, so it was a neat experience.

4. Russ came to school for a day and the students decided to make him "King of the Day". This HONOR included them getting to ask him questions and draw pictures of him for a book. Several pictures showed him with earrings and a dress.

3.I learned several things from my students....
1)we have two presidents: Obama and Thomas S. Monson, (only in Utah!)
2)that they know when I'm upset because my "face gets all red" (Perfect.)
3) the plural of desk is "desk-is"
4) Kids don't cut in line anymore. They "butted" in line.

2. We and the Stapley's drove up to Boise to see the Holdens! We have missed them since they moved in June and had so much fun we plan to visit again for Thanksgiving:

A reunion! (minus the Killions, that is)

We all did sealings at the Boise Temple

At BSU's blue football field

Russ and Emrie playing together

the men contemplating the meaning of life...

1. We bought a new car, which was inspired by Transformers:

Not. We got this car instead...

It's a 2004 Camry and we LOVE IT! It was the biggest purchase of our marriage so far. (Second place goes to my wedding ring, third place to our flat screen TV :D)