Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Anniversary

I can hardly believe it has already been a year! We have had lots of fun together and have been very blessed. We both have our quirks and our stubborn moments, but I am glad to have Russ Lee as a friend and companion to have spent the past year with and the rest of ...forever with. :)

After 1 year of marriage, Russ and I made some lists of....

...what we've accomplished:
- Russ graduated
- Russ got a full-time job working for BYU (and he LOVES his job)
- we've made two apartments feel like home
- we've gotten by with just one car (which seems incredible to me)
- Adri got on the dean's list (while taking a full load of classes, working 2 part-time jobs, AND in her first semester of being married)
- Adri got a teaching internship
- we've made more friends (yay! Olsens!)

...things Adri still wants to learn:
- make the bread machine work!
- keep us to our budget!
- talk to customer service reps and get what you want

...things Russ still wants to do:
- take the GMAT
- love and help Adri
- more house chores

...things that we want do together in year TWO:
- start a year supply
- choose a side of the bed to sleep on! (we still switch)
- start a little garden
- family history
- go to leper colony in India

Russ's parents were kind enough to keep our wedding cake in the freezer and bring it up to us so we could eat it. We were skeptical and heard stories about how nasty the cake could be after a year, so we decided to document eating it. My voice sounds kind of funny in it, but I think everyone just thinks their own voice sounds weird on videos, so enjoy!

The cake...

Adri trying it...

Russ trying it...

Finally, partially to celebrate our anniversary and also to celebrate GARRETT getting engaged to KRYSTAL, all the family in Provo went out to eat at Little Italy. It was fantastic food and we all left fat and happy!

Tyler and his super cool lost-and-found girl sunglasses

Garrett, Krystal, and sparkly diamond ring

Russ and Adri


Amanda Impett said...

congratulations on your first year of sounds like you have had a busy year. they just keep getting better and better with time.

Jason and Lissa said...

You made it for a year. Just another infinity to go. :) We need to convince Garrett to have more hair at his wedding, too. He looks bald in that picture with Krystal! :)

Jason and Lissa said...

P.S. That was STINKIN' good least it was when it was fresh.

Chris and Mary said...

Congratulations Lee family! A lot happens in a year and we're glad you had a good anniversary :)

Bonnie & Brian said...

I'm glad your cake was so surprisingly delicious... You just put all those other year-old cakes to shame... ours never even had the chance.. haha. We're SO glad you guys are our friends! We love the Lees! P.S. Brian is getting more excited about going abroad ever since we heard more about your dad and what he did... I think he'll want to talk to your papa one of these days as we try to get a job!!! :)

Brianna said...

I love how Russ didn't try it until Adri tried it to see if it was ok....LOL :) We're happy for you guys and hope you had a great time celebrating your anniversary!

Carson said...

I can't believe a year has passed already, either. I'm glad the cake was still good, and that you preserved the moment of eating it for posterity.

Cute picture of Garrett and Krystal, too. (I'm with Lissa on Garrett growing his hair out for the wedding.)