Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adri Lee

Russ and I have been married for almost two weeks, and it is FUN! We got back from our honeymoon on Wednesday night and walked into a VERY messy and cluttered apartment (we had just moved our boxes from our old apartments in there before we left and we had some wedding gifts). We had to make a path from our bed to the living room and bathroom and kitchen and the front door. It was ridiculous! BUT! After only a week we (with the help of a lot of friends) have made TONS of progress! We bought, assembled, and set up/decorated a kitchen table, four chairs, a TV stand, a computer desk, two small book shelves, and one big book shelf, and one dresser (hopefully we'll get the next one done tomorrow). Then I just have to find places for all of our STUFF!

Even though we are living in a small apartment, I love it because it is OURS and it is our HOME! It's just a lot of fun. I am not sure where all the furniture will go or how we'll arrange our pictures, but it has been really good to have this half of a week before we go back to work to get as much done as we have.

Get ready to get hit by a BUNCH of pictures...

This is Russ's reaction to seeing me in my dress for the first time (we both cried a little bit because it was such a beautiful moment!)

This fence pose is one that Russ wanted to take and told me about in February when we met his family, but (as you may tell) tall, long Russ looks great, but it was actually REALLY hard to hang there.

This road picture is one of my favorites!

I am of the opinion that you aren't a bride without the veil and a poofy petticoat under your dress

My mom was so mad that we did this, but I started it!

To me, this is the world's most beautiful and yummy cake!

Daddy Daughter Dance

This picture turned out really pretty with my bridesmaids!

What a stressful day. I think this is our only silly picture.

I LOVED the bubbles!

Great group shot.

It was only about 10:30am, but it was HOT!

My family

Russ's Family